Why iLoveFeedback®?

Feedback - timely, specific, two-way feedback is among the most effective communications tools we possess. And while we all possess the ability to master the art of giving effective feedback, most of us have not developed the skills necessary to do so. And we lack the skills because most of us don't actually know what the elements of effective feedback are.

Who should attend iLoveFeedback®?

  • Do you dread performance reviews?
  • Are your employees deflated after check-ins?
  • Do you manage a remote team and struggle to develop genuine rapport and communication channels?

What will I learn?

Leveraging the best-selling book Feedback Revolution: Building Relationships & Boosting ResultsiLoveFeedback® provides individuals the skills to:


What is effective feedback - and what isn't


Craft a message that is specific and observable


Turn feedback into positive action


Make effective feedback central to your workplace communications and ...

watch as your employees and organization thrive!

Let iLoveFeedback® show you the benefits of increased skills and confidence in giving feedback.